Workshop for School Students-
1. Concentration Booster
The workshop is geared at providing students with psychologically relevant tips and tricks to improve their concentration. This is aimed at new age kids who are addicted to gadgets and unable to focus on anything for more than very brief periods.
2. Confident Speaking
Nowadays it is really important to come across as a confident communicator. This workshop is particularly helpful for college students and working professionals.
3. Good Touch and Bad Touch (GTBT)
Nowadays it is very important to learn good and bad touch. We can call it GTBT.  The workshop also drills into them what they are to do if they ever experience this sort of bad touch. This workshop delivery is modified slightly depending on the age of the children participating.
4. Exam Phobia
 If you regularly become excessively nervous before or during an important exam, you may have “test phobia”. It is mostly called “examinophobia” or “exam fever”. Parents and teachers are also somewhat responsible for this. This workshop is aimed at teaching students how to understand their own examination stress and giving them coping strategies.
Workshop for Parents-
1.  The Balance between Parenting and Workplace
Educated couples nowadays struggle to give quality time to their children for working hazards. What to do to maximize the time that they do spend with their children and how to make sure they are balancing work-life and parenthood adequately is what this workshop covers.
2.  Parental Training
Today’s children are evaluating with the ever-changing world of digitalization. As they evolve, so should our parenting styles and patterns. In this workshop we focus on some specific issues related to children and then a free question and answer session. We only guide parents about parenting.
3. Sibling Rivalry Management
Nowadays sibling rivalry is a very common scenario.  For all those parents who are planning for a second child or have recently had one this workshop is a must-do. Our psychologists will explain to parents why this happens, various manifestations of this and how to handle it.
4. Special Children Parenting
This workshop is generally done with a small group of parents who have special needs children. Our special educator will guide parents about the parenting of this type of children.
Workshop for Teachers-
1.  Classroom Management
In this age teachers have to get creative to manage a classroom. Whether they are teaching adolescents or kindergarten, it is more difficult than ever now to hold the attention of so many students at once and get them to perform to the best of their abilities. We guide teachers how to manage a classroom. 
2. Recognize mental disorders in students
Out of the many students in a class, there may be some who is suffering from any mental disorders. A teacher is in a prime position to observe and report on the child’s developmental status in the classroom; hence it becomes necessary for teachers to be educated about the red flags or warning signs that might signal the need for a student to be given psychological help. In this area we guide teachers.
3. Teachers as Colleagues
A teacher spends most of his/her time in the staffroom. Are there any dos and don’ts when it comes to staffroom behaviour? What makes a good colleague in a school? This is a must-do workshop for all teachers.
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