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Parenting can be satisfying and fulfilling. But it can also be difficult and time-consuming. Parents must tend to an infant or child’s daily needs. They are also responsible for helping each of their children develop life skills. These skills include daily living skills, social skills, and appropriate behaviors. Parents with more than one child must account for the personalities of each, as well. New parents, overwhelmed parents, and parents facing mental health conditions may benefit from the support of a mental health professional. A therapist or counselor can help parents through difficult situations or behavioral concerns. Parental training classes are duly conducted by child psychologist in Kolkata Saparja Raha. She conducts online counseling.
Fees for parent-child counseling and parental training are 1000/- per session.

Early warning signs of mental illness in children?

Do you know that children can also have the same kind of mental illness as adults?
Yes, and many times we cannot understand them and misunderstood them for not being a proper child or disciplined. So be aware. If you are a parent, make sure you look for these symptoms to know if they are sufferings from any kind of mental illness. In that case, you need to consult a child psychologist in Kolkata.

Symptoms Of Mental Illness In Children

Here are the symptoms of mental illness.

It is very important to take them to a child psychologist in Kolkata and let the psychologist analyse them for betterment.
You can find a good psychologist in Kolkata easily online. But make sure they are reliable ones. You can check out the feedback of the patients to know how reliable they are.

Don’t Take Up Risks
In the end, never ever put excess pressure on your child. That can make the situation more critical. Talk with them and try to know about their inner feeling as parents. Otherwise, if you are unable to do so, take them to the child psychologist in Kolkata.

Under the suspected scenario what should you do?

If you are worried about the mental health of your child, it is the best decision to take the advice of child psychology. Before you visit them, make sure you note down what kind of behaviors are showing that it is not normal. Explaining the behaviors to the child psychologist is very important as that would help them to counsel the child properly. Many children spend the maximum time with their grandparents or caregivers. So have a talk with them to know any issues with the children's behavior.

How The Treatment Proceeds?
Once you take your child to the child psychologist specialist, they would diagnose the child. For the diagnosis, they may require the following things.
Each of these things has to be shared in detail with the child psychologist specialist. These things tell half of the things about the child and sometimes why the child is behaving like this.

Need Help?
You can contact the most renowned child psychologist in Kolkata. The treatment is done by either psychotherapy or medication. Psychotherapy is nothing but counseling sessions that can help to discover the child. Parents have also to participate in the entire treatment procedure for quick recovery of the child.

Fees for parent & child counselling is 1,000/- per session


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